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Can you reverse the door swing on the 24" Bev Fridge?
Matt Ocel
  • The door of model#KRC-150BV is reversible.
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How do I set the temperatures?
Arlene Dobren
  • May i know the model you have?To control the temperature, press UP or DOWN button. Each press would adjust the temperature by 1°C between 5~18°C or 1°F between 40~66°F.
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Frost build up on back of beverage cooler
I keep getting frost build up in back of beverage cooler where slotted vents are. Unplugging and defrosting to happen again few months later. Unit it only 3 years old
Susan morano
  • In general, cooler icing occurs for several reasons.One is that the door is not closed tightly, causing leakage of cold, causing the cooler to keep working all the time.Second, the fan doesn't work.
    Three, NTC is broken.We would like to suggest you turn off the machine and let the ice melt. Please put something under the unit to soak up the water. Then would you mind helping us check the machine? We need more information to determine the problem.We do apologize for any inconvenience.
    1.May i know how many times you open the door every day?
    2.In common use, is the door of cooler concerned tight?Or whether the door seal is not glued enough.
    3.Will the fan work properly when the ice melts?
    4.What’s the set temperature? What is the temperature shown after setting? 
    5.Could you please take a picture of the whole cooler?We want to know how many drinks are in the cooler and how they are placed, and whether it is usually full of drinks?
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My KSC 18 stopped cooling below 61F
Changing the temperature setpoint does no good. Fan runs and the back of the unit is clean of dust. Any way to test compressor function?
Jon S Boo
  • May i know the model you have?
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Wine cooler not getting cold at 55
Margie Peterson
  • May i know the model you have?
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Why does my top zone temperature keep changing?
I have a dual zone wine refrigerator. I set the top at 40 degrees F and the bottom at 64. The bottom stays at 64, but the top cycles from 40 up to 48 and then back down to 40 around once an hour. Is this normal, or is there a thermostat issue? I just installed this unit a couple of weeks ago.
Darrell Cooper
  • The best temperature difference between the upper and lower setting temperatures is 10F.Could you please try to set the temperature to upper 45/lower 55,then see if the refrigerator can cool.
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Our Kalamera unit has external sides very warm to touch.
The unit is in a well ventilated area. The internal vents/fan are not blocked. The unit is plugged into the wall. What to do?
Liz McKernan
  • Do you have the freestanding model?If yes,the cooler radiates heat from all sides(The top,left and right), so when the cooler is working,the sides will be hot.It is normal.
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Does the 73 bottle dual hold 73 full size bottles.?
I read on Home Depot review it does not. Please advise
David heidel
  • The largest bottle capacity is 73 Bottle.The sample bottles for testing are 2.75” in diameter and 11.8“ in height.If need to put larger bottle, such as Champagne, please remove some shelves for more space.But the capacity will decrease.
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Can the temperature light be turned off?
Yes, there's switch on the control panel for on/off on the light. 
Randy Entz
  • Yes, there's switch on the control panel for on/off on the light. 
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How does the door handle attach?
I just received my 24 bottle free standing cooler. I can't figure out how the door handle is meant to attach.
Eric Kreider
  • To install thehandle, the door gasket should be gently pulled back where it covers the screw holes for the handle, then the handle should be attached by screwing into place with the two screws which are packed in the box with this Instruction Manual and other spare parts.
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Need to buy door seal for wine cooler
I have KRV-46DZB. 24”
  • Our after-sales service staff has contacted you to follow up.
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Where can I get the manual for my Kalamera dishwasher?
No manual came with my dishwasher and there isn’t one to download online!
Jimmy Howell
  • The user manual has been sent to your e-mail.Please check.Thank you.
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Why is there an odor coming from my wine cooler?
I recently purchased a dual zone wine cooler and I smell an odor (not so nice). It has been operating for about 2 weeks.
dena cranley
  • Is the function of the refrigeratorproperly ? New machines usually have a little smell. We suggest that you shut down the machine and open the door for ventilation for a period of time, or wipe the inside of the refrigerator, or put something to absorb the smell, such as tea, etc.
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Need new door gasket for wine cooler
  • Please send an e-mail to our after-sale after-sale specialist will follow up for you.
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How do I reset the temperature on both sides of my 30” wine/beverage fridge?
The temperature has recently gotten warm on both sides and I can’t figure out how to reset. Cannot locate the manual online and don’t think one came with the fridge.
Dawn Marie
  • Please try to disconnect the power, then plug it back in to start the cooler and try again to adjust the temperature.
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Do you deliver upstairs to a second floor
  • Yes, confirmed with carrier that they support on deliering up to stairs. 
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