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Our Kalamera unit has external sides very warm to touch.
The unit is in a well ventilated area. The internal vents/fan are not blocked. The unit is plugged into the wall. What to do?
Liz McKernan
  • Do you have the freestanding model?If yes,the cooler radiates heat from all sides(The top,left and right), so when the cooler is working,the sides will be hot.It is normal.
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Need to buy door seal for wine cooler
I have KRV-46DZB. 24”
  • Our after-sales service staff has contacted you to follow up.
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Can you reverse the door swing on the 24" Bev Fridge?
Matt Ocel
  • The door of model#KRC-150BV is reversible.
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Where can I get the manual for my Kalamera dishwasher?
No manual came with my dishwasher and there isn’t one to download online!
Jimmy Howell
  • The user manual has been sent to your e-mail.Please check.Thank you.
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How do I set the temperatures?
Arlene Dobren
  • May i know the model you have?To control the temperature, press UP or DOWN button. Each press would adjust the temperature by 1°C between 5~18°C or 1°F between 40~66°F.
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How do I reset the temperature on both sides of my 30” wine/beverage fridge?
The temperature has recently gotten warm on both sides and I can’t figure out how to reset. Cannot locate the manual online and don’t think one came with the fridge.
Dawn Marie
  • Please try to disconnect the power, then plug it back in to start the cooler and try again to adjust the temperature.
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Need new door gasket for wine cooler
  • Please send an e-mail to our after-sale after-sale specialist will follow up for you.
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Do you deliver upstairs to a second floor
  • Yes, confirmed with carrier that they support on deliering up to stairs. 
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